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The Secrets of Customer Service
Learn why customer service is important. What are people saying about your Customer Service?
A person once said, I have found the enemy and it is I. In customer service the enemy will be the person that does not understand that they will make the difference. In this CD you will gain insights to the basics of how to give exceptional customer service.

You will learn:
. How to give better service
. The steps to customer service?
. The secret of customer service?

Don't let the enemy in your organization be you. Understand the basics of customer service and how to apply them in your organization.

Price: $ 12.00
Shipping & Handling: $ 2.50 

People Skills
This CD shares one of the greatest secrets on how to get people to like you and remember you. You will understand the triangle of success and how these skills will help you to have better relationships with people.

You will:
. Understand why it is important to give a compliment.
. Learn how to make first impressions with people.
. Find out how to get people to like, trust and respect you.
. Understand the importance of attitude and expectations.

Price: $ 12.00
Shipping & Handling: $ 2.50 

Steps to Sales Success
Many people want to sell their products or services but do not understand the sales process. This CD will help you to gain insight of the steps to selling. And how to apply each step for sales success.

You will:
. Understand the process of sales
. Know how to apply each step.
. Learn what to do in each step.
. Hear how to market your ideas.

If you are new to sales or a seasoned professional this CD will help you to increase your sales.

Price: $ 12.00
Shipping & Handling: $ 2.50 


Get Your "But" Out of the Way
There used to be a television show called "The Weakest Link". In this program the host would ask questions to the guest and if they did not give the correct answer they were kicked off the show because they were "The Weakest Link." Are you the weakest link? Are you achieving what you want in life? If not maybe you should "Get Your "But" Out Of The Way".

In this CD you will:
. Learn the different "buts" that are holding you back
� Understand how to overcome these buts.
 Be inspired by the stories of those who got there "but" out of the way.

Price: $ 12.00
Shipping & Handling: $ 2.50